Primo Stella and Primo Luna Terms and Conditions


We are Pygmalia and The SVC PH. Pygmalia is the team behind Anime Idol Convention (AICON) and The SVC PH is the team behind Stammi Vicino Caffè, Heroic Cafe, Moonlight Miracle Romance MNL, DiOSCURi, Take It Easy in Teyvat, and Aria—A Ballad of Blessings for our Bard.

This year, we will be will be jointly hosting our first convention and cafe event Primo Stella; celebrating the popular mobile game, Genshin Impact. The convention side of the event will be handled by Pygmalia while the cafe side of the event will be managed by The SVC PH.

This will be held on November 19, 2022 at the 3rd Floor Function Hall Amphitheater, Guadalupe Commercial Complex located in Makati City.

Primo Stella Terms and Conditions

Please read the Primo Stella Terms and Conditions thoroughly before continuing with your seat reservation.

By agreeing to the Primo Stella Terms and Conditions, you must adhere to the Primo Stella rules and The SVC PH cafe guidelines, as well as the wishes of the organizers, Pygmalia and The SVC PH, to ensure the smooth operations of the event, and the well-being of all guests and staff who will attend and supervise the event, the cafe, and related events thereof.


Primo Stella, Convention Rules

1.) All pre-ordered tickets are non-refundable. However, they may be exchanged or transferred to another person if the guest will not be able to ensure their attendance. If this situation arises, please contact the organizers promptly via e-mail.

2.) Guests must not forget to bring their confirmation email to claim their event and cafe tickets. This may be printed out or shown on your phone (screenshot or email) and clear enough for our ticketing staff to read the details.

3.) Guests must have their vaccine cards ready to be checked by our ticketing staff. Only those with updated vaccines will be allowed into the event. The minimum requirement is 2nd dose of the first vaccine. As such, only fully vaccinated guests aged 15 and above will be allowed in.

4.) Cosplay is not consent. If we receive report/s of harassment towards our butlers or any of our staff, the alleged guest/s will be escorted outside of the event promptly and your ticket will not be refunded.

5.) No joy bidders/reservers/buyers are allowed. Any joy bidder/reserver/buyer will be blacklisted from future events by Pygmalia and The SVC PH. So please make sure to pay for your tickets on or before the deadline.

6.) The event will not provide baggage and storage areas for attendees due to the nature of the venue. Guests who will come in cosplay should refrain from bringing bulky luggages.

7.) Guests may take a break outside the event area. Restrooms are located on both sides of the main event entrance.

8.) There are parking spaces available for guests. You may park your vehicle at the basement of the Guadalupe Commercial Complex.

Primo Luna, Cafe Rules

1.) All guests who will attend the cafe are expected to arrive thirty (30) minutes before their chosen session. If you arrive late but within the time of your chosen session, you will still be allowed into the cafe but you will still have to leave when the session ends.

2.) Strictly no taking of photographs with personal devices while the guests are in the cafe premises. Staff offering instax photograph services for a PHP 50 fee will be roaming the cafe. We would like our guests to immerse themselves in cafe experience that we offer.

3.) Strictly no touching of the butlers is allowed. Please take note of all health protocols in place for everyone’s safety. Make sure to ask their consent and talk to them properly when requesting anything.

4.) Cosplay is not consent. If we receive report/s of harassment towards our butlers or any of our staff, the alleged guest/s will be escorted outside of the event promptly and your ticket will not be refunded.

5.) Guests who will come in cosplay should refrain from wearing bulky costumes. The event will not provide storage areas for guests due to the nature of the venue. If guests will come as Genshin Impact characters, make sure that the costume is not similar to our butler’s dress code to distinguish themselves from the butlers.

6.) Guests are not allowed to loiter inside the cafe area. Once the session ends, guests must vacate the area immediately to ensure all sessions end and begin on time.