On-site Cup Sleeve Event Terms and Conditions

Please read The SVC Terms and Conditions thoroughly before continuing with your reservation.

By agreeing to The SVC Terms and Conditions, you must adhere to The SVC PH rules and guidelines, as well as the wishes of the organizers, The SVC PH, to ensure the smooth operations of the event, and the well-being of all guests and staff who will attend and supervise the event, the cafe, and related events thereof.

1.) All pre-ordered merchandise bundles are non-refundable. However, they may be exchanged or transferred to another person if the guest will not be able to claim their bundles. You may also choose to upgrade your merchandise bundle to a higher tier or purchase 2 tiers, but you are not allowed to downgrade. If this situation arises, please contact the organizers promptly via e-mail.

2.) This is an on-site event. The event will be held ON-SITE through The SVC PH’s partner cafe/venue. Guests will be able to reserve drinks/food via updated posts, forms, or listings posted on The SVC PH social media pages.

3.) Hashtags are encouraged. Please use the official hashtag of the event.

4.) Our merchandise bundles are limited to pre-orders only. So make sure to pre-order to get your hands on our event exclusive merchandise.

5.) For events with time slots, do arrive on time to ensure that you have seats. If you arrive outside of your chosen time slot, seats may not be available as we will prioritize guests who made reservations for that time slot.

6.) Walk-ins will receive a cup sleeve for free when they purchase a participating drink at the cafe. Other merchandise will only be available via pre-orders.

7.) Proof of payment is required to be submitted. Kindly input your Gank username and order number. Reservations that do not have any valid proof of transaction will be automatically cancelled.

8.) No joy bidders/reservers/buyers are allowed. Any joy bidder/reserver/buyer will be blacklisted from future events by The SVC PH. So please make sure to pay for your reservation.

By participating in our event/s, you hereby agree to all aforementioned terms, The SVC PH’s rules and guidelines, and all related statements. 

Agreement to these terms and conditions are tantamount to a signed waiver. We are making things digital in an effort to lessen paper waste.

Failure to adhere to these terms may result in warning implementations, denial of access to the cafe or permanent blacklist status from the event and future events by the organizers as The SVC PH reserves the right to protect itself, its staff and events, and its guests from any and all that may cause harm or ill will.