Aria—A Ballad of Blessings for our Bard

My greatest wish? It has always been to roam free and experience the whole world. Now I would add that wherever I go, it simply must be with you!

Aria—A Ballad of Blessings for our Bard, is an online birthday event for Venti of Genshin Impact.

Despite wanting to roam free with our beloved guests and travelers, we’re still wary of the dangers of strolling outside and gathering in groups. So for the mean time, we’ll be bringing the bard’s blessings at your doorstep! 🍃

This coming June, The SVC PH will be hosting its fourth cup sleeve event. Aria—A Ballad of Blessings for our Bard is a fan-organized at-home cup sleeve birthday event for Venti from the popular mobile game, Genshin Impact.

Aria is a cup sleeve and birthday cake event by The SVC PH, in partnership with Kaibakes 🍰✨


Collaborating artists:

Take It Easy: A Day in Teyvat’s Carnival

This coming February, The SVC PH will be hosting its third cup sleeve event. Take It Easy: A Day in Teyvat’s Carnival is a fan-organized at-home cup sleeve event based on the popular mobile game, Genshin Impact.

This will be held online via The SVC PH‘s social media channels on February 14, 2021 in partnership with Cafe Amazon PH.

Take It Easy: A Day in Teyvat’s Carnival
A Genshin Impact at-home cup sleeve event
  SM City North Edsa
  Cafe Amazon
  February 14, 2021

The SVC PH Events during Covid-19:

The SVC PH is known around the local community for our spontaneous butler cafes before the pandemic. But we have hosted other mini events in 2020 because we wanted to take a break from the arduous preparations that came with organizing butler cafes.

In lieu of this, we thought of still pursuing our passion for bringing fans in the local community together through our events even if we’re just staying at home. With DiOSCURi, we only pushed through with an online event with digital goods. But this time, we’re taking it up a notch!

Take It Easy: A Day in Teyvat’s Carnival will feature our physical merchandise delivered at your door with your choice of drink!

Drinks and goodies included in the bundle are courtesy of our partnership with Cafe Amazon.

Collaborating artists:

DiOSCURi: A Mystic Messenger Cup Sleeve Event

You and me,
  Let’s marry in the space station!

The SVC PH returns with a ticket to a special ride to an even more special space station. Are you ready to cross the stars to find your true ending? Navigate the galaxies with us this coming June, and we’re sure you’ll have a blast 🚀✨

DiOSCURi: A Mystic Messenger Cup Sleeve Event
  First Online Digital Event
  June 20, 2020

The SVC PH has been in correspondence with Cheritz, and they have given us the go signal to host DiOSCURi to celebrate the birth month of the Choi twins 🚀✨

Collaborating artists:

Moonlight Miracle Romance MNL

This year, The SVC PH will be tackling a new kind of event for the very first time, and we would like to invite your participation.

Moonlight Miracle Romance MNL is a fan-organized cup sleeve event based on the animanga series, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.

This will be held at the Ayala Vertis North branch of Zoo Coffee on February 1, 2020.

Moonlight Miracle Romance, hereafter referred to as MoonMira, is a free cup sleeve event.

We will give away Sailor Moon-themed cup sleeves and freebies throughout the day, so we would be happy if you can drop by and join in the fun!

The event will start at 11:00AM and end at 6:00 PM when we will be giving away the display posters and banners.

MoonMira is also a public event. Zoo Coffee allows the organization of free events as long as the organizers and attendees purchase their drinks. Therefore, the seats and tables will not be reserved solely for us.

The establishment will still conduct daily business and serve non-participating customers as normal protocol. If you would like to stay longer, we advise that you purchase any of their menu items to secure a spot at their tables.

Collaborating artists: